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Ideate and wireframe your website

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Develop the skeleton of your Website using HTML

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Use Bootstrap to Design your Website

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Design and Deploy your Database with MySQL

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Build a form for your website and Add functionality using PHP

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Career prospects, freelancing and other opportunities for Developers

What you will be learning?

Take your first step in Web Development - The very basics


Learn The DNA of every website - HTML5


Creating wireframes - Do's and Dont's


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    Why become a Web Developer?


    E-commerce being the driving force of the business world, websites are created every minute proving the substantial demand for web development. With a whopping average of $75,500(Rs.54,19,000) per annum besides bonuses and fringe benefits, Forbes declared "Web Development" as one of the 10 High-Paying Tech Degrees. Web developers have the supplementary perks of independence, flexibility(work-from-home or office) and the potential for hands-on learning. Be it freelance or a full-time corporate job, depth of knowledge and experience in this field is positively correlated to the remuneration. Besides these, the never-ending hike of netizens promises the timelessness of this profession!

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