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An Overview of the Workshop

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Understanding the design process

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How to Conduct user research

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Creating the Information architecture for an app

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How to create a style-guide

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How to design lo-fi wireframes and Creating hi-fi wireframes on Axure RP

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Prototyping with various tools

What you will be learning?

What is UI/UX Design?


Understand the design Process


Look at an existing App/Website that you feel has usability issues


What is a Creative Brief?


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    Why become a UI/UX designer?


    All the prosperous companies are patrons of a single doctrine- businesses revolve around the customers, not the other way round. And UI/UX designers’ job is to do just that! Problem-solving and never-ending improvisations of the application are the basic features of this job that help to widen the niche markets. In order to comprehend the user's specifications, this job requires an eye for detail, unique perspective and persistence! Indeed reports find the median salaries of UI/UX designers to be a massive $90,000(Rs.64,60,000) per annum while forbes listed this job under its "Highest-Paying Entry-Level professions in Tech". The amalgamation of creativity and technology in a profession is timeless since no futuristic tech can overpower creativity!

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