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An Overview of the Courses

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Evolution of money and the Stock Market

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Understanding Financial Statements, Finance Ratios and Analysis

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Case Study : Decoding the 2008 Stock market crash (The Subprime Crisis)

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The Why, What and How of Investments

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Analysing Risks and Returns

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Practice investing with a Stock Market Simulator

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What you will be learning?

  • Types of Finance - Learn about the different types of finance


  • Learn about how banks work and the importance of time value of money


  • Money and Banking


  • Computing time value of money


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    As per The New York Times, workers in the securities industry make more than 5 times the average of that of the private sector. Consequently, stock-brokers are the ultra-earners on Wall street who, comfortably, are garnering a 100 grand(Rs.71,76,000) annually. A stock-broker lives a life knowing that every second has the potential to either make millions or cost the same. The world might say that the financial world is purely based on luck. But only a wall street trader would know: You create your own luck!

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