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An Overview of the Workshop

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Decoding Human Personalities

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Where is Psychology used in daily life?

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Introduction to Social Psychology

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Applying Psychology in the Workplace

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Understanding different types of Personality Disorders and Therapy

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Making your future in Psychology

What you will be learning?

  • Discover Psych Models - 2 - Learn more about Observational Learning


  • Discover Psych Models - 1 - Gain more insight into the Human Mind


  • Basics of Psychology


  • A Timeline


  • Intro Session


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    Why become a Psychologist?


    Whatever the profession maybe, a youth counselor or a criminal detective, the knowledge of psychology comes to play. With the advancement in technology and the creation of robots and AI, cognitive psychology is highly demanded. Besides the core subject, interdisciplinary prospects of psychology with relation to economics, anthropology, law, sociology and other forms of arts and sciences give rise to the limitless applications of this field. Besides being exceptional in verbal and written communication, students of psychology are ethical, patient, open-minded and emotionally stable. They understand the workings of our brain through nomothetic and idiographic methods. With such complex and useful knowledge at bay, it is not surprising to know that psychologists' earnings are as high as $80,000(Rs.57,42,000) per annum(as per indeed reports)!

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