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An Overview of the Workshop

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Getting familiar with the camera

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Storytelling through photography

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Understand rules of photography

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How to get Freelance gigs

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Composition and framing of your pictures

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Building your Portfolio

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How to brand yourself as a photographer

What you will be learning?

  • Learn about the basics of Camera and lenses


  • Understanding composition and framing in Photography


  • Storytelling through Photography


  • Composition and Framing


  • Intro Session


  • Compose your First Photo


  • Know your Lenses and Important Terminology


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    Why become a Photographer?


    The art of visuals inspires the world. Every industry demands photographers to run their products to their target audience. The profession of freelancing photography is not for the faint of heart. It requires financial discipline, consistency and relentless refinement. Whatever be the branch of photography (Abstract, Fashion, Food, Golden Hour, Macro or Minimalist), a skilled photographer hallmarks passion, diversity and uniqueness, simultaneously. As per, the average salary of a photographer ranges from $45,000(Rs.32,30,000) to $70,000(Rs.50,23,500). Furthermore, the remuneration varies with every contract, location and time, says the New York Film Academy. Besides these, travelling, accepting cultures, listening to stories and getting to know the world are few of the perks. A photographer's world is not just a camera. In fact, it is everything beyond the camera- just through the lens!!!

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