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An Overview of the Workshop

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Improve your soft skills

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Master the art of decision making

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Build your Confidence to conquer

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Employ Discipline in your life

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Hone the right kind of attitude and resilience

What you will be learning?

  • Why personal development is essential?


  • Different concepts in Personal Development


  • Everyday aspects of personal development


  • What is accountability and Why is it important?


  • How to become accountable for your actions?


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    What you can learn from Simon Taufel?


    Throughout his career, Simon has worked with some of the greatest legends and leaders of the Cricketing world. And as an Umpire, he has had to make very difficult decisions under pressure, with billions of Cricket fans watching him. In his journey he has learnt that your Personality and how you deal with situations can determine how successful you are. In his Live Classes with you, he aims to assist you in developing your personality by improving on your self-awareness, mental strength and confidence. Simon will also cover the essentials of Discipline, How to deal with pressure, and how to build the best attitude.

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