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An Overview of the Courses

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Understanding types and genres

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How to bring perspective into your Novel?

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How to write realistic dialogues?

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How to perfect your plot, setting and theme?

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How to get published?

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Secrets behind a great novel and the Brilliance of character building

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What you will be learning?

  • Learn how to Analyse Books


  • Discover Novel Writing


  • Novels to Read


  • Intro Session


  • Discover why you want to Write


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Performance based Certificates

With successful completion of the workshop, you will receive aCertificate of Proficiency that reflects the ratification provided by esteemed organisations. The certificate will be available for download once the course period ends.


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    Why become a Novelist?


    From fiction to drama to self-help, all the genres are now in vogue than ever. Reading is an ageless habit which creates eternal demand and that's where the novel writers come to quench their thirst! All the writers, be it Jane Austen or J.K.Rowling or Roald Dahl, have a few characteristics in common besides having illumined minds- passion, perseverance and essentially, hope. Novel writer's creations are open for the world to see and live in. They are immortal- as Shakespeare said, with their words, writers live "so long as men can breathe and eyes can see".

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