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An Overview of the Courses

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Decoding consumer behaviour

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Understanding Brand identity and Personality

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Introduction to various Kinds of Marketing, Marketing strategy, Marketing Mix and Social Marketing

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How an advertising agency works?

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Developing copywriting skills and Creating an advertising campaign

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Integrated Marketing Communication - Social Media Marketing

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What you will be learning?

  • Learn about the reason why brands advertise


  • Meet your Captain


  • Define the purpose of your Ad Campaign


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    Why become a Marketer?


    From the Fortune 500 companies to the shop around the corner, all the businesses realize the importance of marketing. Changing consumer preferences over time demands adaptable marketers. With the current dynamics of the business environment, a marketer's life is an adventure, packed with both fans and critics as well, with the aim of convincing the target audience. Be it a brand ambassador or a research analyst, the marketing world is full of surprises examining one's theoretical knowledge, interactive skills, artistic approach and versatility. With that said, it is no wonder why the salary of an average marketer ranges from $50,000(Rs.35,89,000) to $100,000(Rs.71,76,000) (as per Forbes)!

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