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Your Kit will have a Node MCU ESP 32bit CP2102, Ultrasonic sound sensor module, USB V8 Cable, Breadboard 400 Points, FLAT Cable L-200MM M/M,FLAT Cable L-200MM M/F,FLAT Cable L-200MM F/F and LEDs 5MM RGB 4 PIN

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Working on a Google Assistand based Voice-Controlled Music LED Project

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Developing algorithms for your project

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Working with Micro-controllers and open source softwares

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How to select Sensors, Actuators for your project

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Finding and writing code for your project

What you will be learning?

  • IoT for the Specially Abled


  • First Look at IOT Basics


  • Intro to IOT


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Performance based Certificates

With successful completion of the workshop, you will receive aCertificate of Proficiency that reflects the ratification provided by esteemed organisations. The certificate will be available for download once the course period ends.


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    Why venture into Internet of Things?


    Morgan Stanley via Business Intelligence estimated that there will be almost 75 billion active IOT Devices! That’s 7 devices per person! IOT devices are present everywhere, right from your fridge to the pacemaker in a person’s heart! With the IOT Industry on the rise, in the 4th Industrial Revolution, millions of jobs created to make use of IOT devices to make life changing products! There’s also several different career choices in this industry, making this one of the most sexiest paths in the tech industry! As an IOT engineer, you’ll get an opportunity to work on cool products like Quadcoptors to absolutely brilliant ones like Self-Driving Cars!

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