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An Overview of the Courses

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Discover your personality and understand your role in your startup!

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Understand why Startups Exist and Brainstorm on an idea for your startup

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Apply the Lean Canvas Model to your Startup

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Come up with your Business Model and Build the first version of your product or service

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Start Marketing your Startup

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How and When to raise Funding from Investors

Exclusive access to Celebrity MasterClass

What you will be learning?

  • Validating Your Idea


  • What’s a Startup?


  • Meet your Captain!


  • Develop your startup idea by identifying and solving an existing problem


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Performance based Certificates

With successful completion of the workshop, you will receive aCertificate of Proficiency that reflects the ratification provided by esteemed organisations. The certificate will be available for download once the course period ends.


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    Why become an Enterpreneur?


    Becoming an Entrepreneur is a craze in India right now. But is it worth it? With more than 90% of startups failing every year, can you actually become a successful entrepreneur and kickstart your startup journey. We believe you can! And the best time to startup is while you are in School/College because you have nothing to lose. You also would have access to a huge talent pool to tap into and build your team from scratch. Sometimes you wonder if you could talk to a real entrepreneur who was in your position some years ago. The MyCaptain Entrepreneurship program does exactly that!

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