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An Overview of the Courses

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Introduction to Dataset and Analytics

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Data Analysis - Risk and Rewards

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Communication with Datasets

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Python basics for data analysis and understanding python libraries

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Introduction to Pandas

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Visualizing the data

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Statistics with Panda

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What you will be learning?

  • Introduction to Data Analytics


  • Structured vs Unstructured Data


  • Automation of Data Analysis


  • Intro to Data Analytics using Python


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Performance based Certificates

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    Why choose a career as Data Analyst?


    Looking at the huge number of opportunities present in India and abroad, Big Data Analytics does appear like a good career option. According to, the top-paid data analytics jobs are IT Systems Analyst, Healthcare data analyst, Operations Analyst, Data Engineer, and Quantitative analyst. The average salary of an entry-level Data Analyst in India is ₹325,616. The average salary of a mid-level Data Analyst in India is ₹635,379. The average salary of an experienced Data Analyst in India is ₹852,516. The sector is growing at a rate of 24% in two years.

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