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Learn Business Communication secrets

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Write your first report

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Master Leadership Tactics

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Build Communication Strategies

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Manage Teams and Projects

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Learn the art of Time and Stress Management

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What you will be learning?

  • Difference between Soft Skills & Hard Skills


  • Importance of Soft Skills


  • Types of Communication Skills


  • Verbal and Non-Verbal communication


  • Introduction to Business Communication


  • Business Communication


  • Writing a piece of Business Communication


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Performance based Certificates

With successful completion of the workshop, you will receive aCertificate of Proficiency that reflects the ratification provided by esteemed organisations. The certificate will be available for download once the course period ends.


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    Why are Soft skills gaining more importance day by day?


    Recent data insights from SkillSurvey corroborate the rising influence of soft skills in the corporate world. -77% of employers believe that soft skills are as important as hard ones; -67% of HR managers will hire candidates with strong soft skills even if their hard skills are weak; -43% of HR managers cite cultural fit (because of soft skills) as the single-most determining factor for a new hire. The figures show how employers prefer candidates who are well trained in various soft skills like communication, creative decision making, analytical thinking, and effective problem-solving.To give yourself that brownie point in the interviews you attend, all you need is to build on the soft skills that the employers look for.

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