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Web Development

Learn the basics of HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap, PHP and Javascript to build your first Website from scratch in this 30 day Online Workshop!

Price : ₹1000

Students Enrolled: 1426


What You'll Learn:

  1. WEEK 1
    Session 1: Take your first step in Web Development - The very basics
    Session 2: The DNA of every website - HTML5
    Session 3: Creating wireframes - Do's and Dont's

  2. WEEK 2
    Session 4: The craft of styling the website - CSS3
    Session 5: The Internet's fashion guide - Bootstrap
    Session 6: Adding functionality to the website - PHP

  3. WEEK 3
    Session 7: Working with Data - MySQL
    Session 8: Being a Web Developer - Career Aspects
    Session 9: Web Dev - Things worth knowing

  4. WEEK 4
    Session 10: Testing the website - User Experience
    Session 11: Putting the website online - Taking things online
    Session 12: The journey of a Web Developer
    Session 13: Freelancing Opportunities as Web Developer

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Your Captains:

Aquib Ajani

I’m a Software Engineer by profession and have been training students in Programming for the past 6 years now. I have trained over 600 students in various different Programming languages and frameworks so far and I realise one thing - Engineering students in India need to have a deeper understanding of things. I want to change this. I’m also the formal trainer with the MyCaptain Coders Pack.

Aditya Pudipeddi

Being a introvert is tough, you have to make up for all the energy you save by not interacting with people doing something else. I have utilised this energy in satisfying my curiosity. I work as a Web-developer to make ideas eternal and ever accessible to everyone through a single medium. In my two years of experience with web, I have made nearly 30 portals that are tailor-made for various functionalities like theme-selection, registration, certification and so on. With the challenge of new languages and better frameworks, I move forward teaching what I’ve learnt as best as I can and learning greater things to continue the cycle.

Fahid M

I am a final year computer science student from KIT Coimbatore. I have been working with startups right from first year of my college on building scalable Server side applications and Infrastructure. I have been working as a Full Stack Developer with Rapido (India's largest bike taxi app) since November 2017. Before Rapido, I was working as an intern with startups like Juspay, Inkmonk and Naturebowl. I have also worked on the Army Unit Distribution App for Madras Regimental Centre. I have mentored handful of people to get internships and pre-placement offers. If you are looking to be a full stack developer or wants to know the tips and tricks to get internships / pre-placement offers or wants to build your own product or SAAS based startup, join my sessions at MyCaptain.


I started by making software for my own college & later selling it to other colleges. The adventure continued when I joined a startup to learn the industry way of shipping a product. Some of the interesting things that I have worked on in the past are for example the BHIM UPI app by our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched in less than a month during demonetisation. The experience of working directly with NPCI & PMO office was amazing. I was part of a two-member team who coded the Gozoomo bikes application in less than a week. Added some product features which increased the conversion rate by 10-20%. I've also Shipped a serverless web app for Gozoomo bikes marketing site which decreased the CPC from Rs.350 to Rs.50, also conversions increased by 25%. The VTU results site was always slow during results hence I deployed a WhatsApp bot which would fetch the results from VTU and send via WhatsApp. The bot saw a growth of more than 500 users in less than 3 days. The bot would give a feeling that someone was typing the results before sending which would give an impression to the end user that it was not a bot. It's going to be an adventure mentoring young minds now!

Harshith Mullapudi

I'm Harshith Mullapudi. I'm 1 part fun-loving, 3 parts developer, 2 parts adventurous gypsy and a happy person all the way. I am basically Frankenstein who loves his weird creations. I am constantly developing different applications. I am a problem solver and always want to learn something new and exciting. When I'm not developing, I explore the city and sometimes take impromptu trips to have a change of scenery. You'll find me glued to my laptop, or trekking my way through mountains

Join MyCaptain to Interact with top Industry Leaders!


Program Manager, Microsoft.


Data Analyst, Google.


Consultant, Microsoft.


Software Engineer, Apple.


Engineer, Tesla.



Self-learning modules with content curated and created by your mentor.


Chat based discussion with your mentor scheduled for evenings. Learn more and clear your doubts.


Small assignments designed to give you a hands on experience in the field.


Interact with Industry leaders in your fields to get guidance.


The Web development workshop was a nice one. I really liked the concept of live teaching. It would be even better if it were for little longer period of time because one month was quite a short time to learn most of the web development or to at least reach an intermediate level of programming which I was expecting. But for just the basics of web development, it was a great course

Anurag , Web Development Workshop

I'm currently pursuing my BBA at Symbiosis, Pune. Today when almost the entire world is going digital, I feel learning basic coding is a really​ beneficial skill. Moreover, I am into marketing in the digital space and would like to be able to make my own website, if ever required. I did a web development course from MyCaptain and I think it was absolutely worth my time and effort. I recommend MyCaptain to everyone out there who​ is looking forward to learning new skills at their own convenience.

Pratishtha , Web Development Workshop

The My Captain web development workshop helped a lot in my learning process. The lessons paired with the videos made it very easy to follow and made coding a lot simpler. The live discussions held made the process very interactive and the captains are available to clear any doubts at all times. It was well structured along with tasks to keep our progress in check. Overall it was an amazing experience.

Saishree Godbole , Web Development Workshop


If you’re interested in the Workshop, register with us by filling in your details on the form above and click on enroll. We will get in touch with you soon.
All the discussions will be conducted from 9:00-10:00PM because that's the time when both mentees and mentors are free.
All workshops start on the 1st of the month that you choose. The workshop ends after a month of the starting date. So if you are in the January batch, your workshop will start on the 1st of January and proceed till the 1st of February.
You can access the discussion that you missed on your web portal, as all the discussions get stored there. So you will virtually be missing nothing.
You will receive an SMS as soon as you finish payment with details on how to use your MyCaptain account. You will also receive an email from us with links to activate your account. Please note that it may land in your updates or promotions tabs. Please note that even if you sign up, you will not have access to your workshop until it begins on the 1st.

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