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Unlock the secrets of why people behave, think and feel the way they do and how to influence them in this structured Introduction to Psychology!

Price : ₹1000

Students Enrolled: 1100


What You'll Learn:

  1. WEEK 1
    Session 1:Historical Timeline – Psychology through the ages
    Session 2: Psychoanalysis and Behaviourism
    Session 3: Cognitive and Humanistic Perspectives

  2. WEEK 2
    Session 4: The Importance of Ethics in Psychology
    Session 5: Basic introduction to Research and Psychological Testing
    Session 6: Understanding Oneself
    Session 7: Identity vs. Self-Concept

  3. WEEK 3
    Session 8: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
    Session 9:Using Diagnostic Manuals - DSM & ICD
    Session 10: The Categories of Mental Disorders
    Session 11: Anxiety and Mood Disorders
    Session 12: What exactly is Schizophrenia?

  4. WEEK 4
    Session 13:Introduction to Counselling Psychology
    Session 14:Understanding the difference between counselling and psychotherapy
    Session 15: Counselling skills and Schools of Psychotherapy
    Session 16: Careers in the field of Psychology

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Your Captains:

Annette Shaju

I am a post graduate student of Psychology with interest in the areas of Clinical and Counselling psychology. Currently, I am working as a Psychological Trainer and Research Assistant at Muktha Foundation, Bangalore. As part of the NGO, I have been training individuals especially on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse & Suicide Prevention along with a project on children in observation homes.

Durga Menon

My love for psychology began when I found myself intrigued by human behaviour,-How we talk, how we move and communicate with others & more importantly, with ourselves! My journey with psychology has personally impacted me in so many ways! It has encouraged me to grow and work on myself. It has shown me the power of being better, to get better and to make someone else feel better! It's safe to say that psychology has been a part of life since I dreamed of pursuing it back in school! My passion to learn about people has taken me through an 8 year journey ( so far) to realize that my true dream lies in becoming a sports psychologist! Along the way, I have learnt so much about the field! From classes to research and mentoring here at Mycaptain , to even publishing my first ever research paper! There is nothing better than waking up everyday to working one step closer to your purpose, psychology has always been mine!

Dhanya Pillai

I graduated with a postgraduate degree in clinical psychology this year and now I'm a research psychologist and I've made my way to work in the organisation that I've wanted to since I enrolled into the course. I took up the degree as a mere interest but it has transformed into a passion for me.

Shipra Tiwari

I am an Honours Student in CIC, Delhi, where I am pursuing my Bachelors. I've been passionate about Psychology from a very early age. I've worked on various projects related to helping and creating awareness for Child Sexual Abuse victims and analysing employment opportunities for people with Autism.

Prerna Dhingra

Prerna has worked as a Junior Special Educator at Wisdom Kidz and has presented a research paper on “The importance of mental health amongst commercial trainee pilots” for an international conference in 2017. She is currently shadowing a Junior Therapist at Mind Solace in New Delhi. Prerna has recently launched a Youtube channel by the name “Prerna Dhingra” to help combat emotional issues by giving the psychological perspective & slowly breaking the stigmatisation around the idea of psychotherapy

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Poet and Activist. Author of Ease of forgetting & The inability of Words.


Author, Chief of Staff to Dr. Shashi Tharoor


Founder and CEO, The Quint


Co-founder & CEO, Terribly Tiny Tales


Co Founder, Airplane Poetry Movement.



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In spite of having a background in finance, I was always interested in learning about psychology and the human mind. My Captain is a platform that is easily accessible when you are putting in so much effort looking for distance learning courses, and at a very affordable fees. I found my mentor really approachable and knowledgeable about the subject and all the lessons were equipped with videos that helped me better understand the concepts. It also, however, didn't take up a too many hours per day. I appreciate this brilliant initiative MyCaptain. Totally worth it!

Aishwarya Ganghadaran , Psychology Workshop

I had taken up the psychology course and I was very impressed with the efforts taken up by my Captain also the course was very easily accessible and user friendly and finally the feature which I loved the most was the convince to learn at whatever time I wanted to the tasks given and discussion s taken place were very interesting and kept me glued to the topic. At the end of it I was just satisfied by the topics thought in an easy and understandable way

Ekta , Psychology Workshop

The notion that studies and dreams are divided into Arts, Science and Commerce is something I’ve always agreed to disagree on. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to chase their dream and choose the path and course that will help them pursue it. And MyCaptain is definitely the path that will give you the course to help you get that dream job be it poetry writing, photography, business management or social sciences. It is an amazing platform to pursue your dream course that to in a span of just one month. Apart from its theory, it is a practical and applied course where one isn’t stressed with exams or 75% attendance. It is a discussion and task based course that is related to one’s day to day life. Also the mentors are friendly and have a vast knowledge of the concerned subject.  MyCaptain has given people, regardless of their age, an amazing opportunity. I love the course I am doing at the moment (Psychology) and I’ve learned so much from my mentor. I Thank Annette Shaju (my mentor) and the whole MyCaptain Team for giving me this chance.

Manasvi , Psychology Workshop


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