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Online Business Power Pack

In the day and age when Entrepreneurship and start ups is becoming a trend, this self paced Workshop will help you develop the right acumen for Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Finance and Stock markets!

Price : ₹4000

Students Enrolled: 41


What You'll Learn:

  1. Entrepreneurship
    Session 1: What's a Startup? And why do people startup?
    Session 2: Why do some startups succeed over the others? A look at the concept of the Golden circle.
    Session 3: Why do startups exist?
    Session 4: The first spark : Getting your startup idea!
    Session 5: Understanding Business models.
    Session 6: Explaining your startup in one page : Business Model Canvas.
    Session 7: How to find the right team and setup your startup?
    Session 8: An in-depth look into Business verticals.
    Session 9: A look into marketing and sales for Startups.
    Session 10: What are operations for startups?
    Session 11: How do startups build products?
    Session 12: What does a CFO do in a startup?
    Session 13: Understanding funding and valuations for startups?
    Session 14: Making a pitch for your startup.
    Session 15: The legal side of startups.

  2. Digital Marketing
    Session 1: Introduction to Online Marketing
    Session 2: How to build an Audience on your Facebook & Instagram pages?
    Session 3: Setting up your first Ad Campaign on Facebook & Instagram.
    Session 4: How to get the best results out of your Ad Campaign?
    Session 5: Oldest trick in the book : Email Marketing.
    Session 6: How to set up an effective email drip campaign?
    Session 7: Introduction to different types of Google Adwords
    Session 8: How to use the Adwords Tool?
    Session 9: A look into Marketing and Sales for StartUps.
    Session 10: Planning and researching your first Keyword search Campaign.
    Session 11: Should you advertise on youtube?
    Session 12: Content Marketing 101 - Setting up a wordpress blog.
    Session 13: An introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

  3. Finance
    Session 1: The world of finance!
    Session 2: Starting your company : The legal side of things.
    Session 3: Who will fund your company?
    Session 4: What does a CFO do?
    Session 5: How to manage expenses?
    Session 6: Where should you put your money? Investment avenues.
    Session 7: Get started with Stock Markets.
    Session 8: Stock Market dictionary.
    Session 9: How do Sensex and Nifty work?
    Session 10: Risk and return analysis.
    Session 11: The formula that broke Wall Street
    Session 12: A look into mergers and acquisitions.
    Session 13: Closing Statements.

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Your Captains:

Shashank Shekhar

I'm the Co Founder and CEO of Stoned Santa, a personalised gifting startup. I started my tryst with startups 4 years ago, while I was still in College, and have so far found 3 startups. I have won some Business Plan Competitions including IIT Kanpur's Flagship B-Plan competition TechKriti. I have also been the finalist for BzzWings, IIM Bangalore's Business Plan event. Currently I work out of NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. I have a keen interest in Digital Marketing and Business Models and hope to impact my mentees in the same.


I am an M.Sc. student of Finance, G.I.P.E. I have a bachelor degree in Economics and have worked with the Axis bank as an intern in the foreign exchange department. I regularly invest in stock market and aspire to become an Indian Economics Services Officer and am constantly working towards my goal.

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Founder, Toppr & Investor in 17 companies including Ola Cabs and


Founder, Innov8 Co-working Spaces Forbes 30 under 30


Managing Director, Delhi Angels.


Co Founder and CEO of MyChild App and WeIncluded. Forbes Asia 30 under 30.


Co-founder & CEO, PosterGully.



Self-learning modules with content curated and created by your mentor.


Chat based discussion with your mentor scheduled for evenings. Learn more and clear your doubts.


Small assignments designed to give you a hands on experience in the field.


Interact with Industry leaders in your fields to get guidance.


If you’re interested in the Workshop, register with us by filling in your details on the form above and click on enroll. We will get in touch with you soon.
All the discussions will be conducted from 9:00-10:00PM because that's the time when both mentees and mentors are free.
All workshops start on the 1st of the month that you choose. The workshop ends after a month of the starting date. So if you are in the January batch, your workshop will start on the 1st of January and proceed till the 1st of February.
You can access the discussion that you missed on your web portal, as all the discussions get stored there. So you will virtually be missing nothing.
You will receive an SMS as soon as you finish payment with details on how to use your MyCaptain account. You will also receive an email from us with links to activate your account. Please note that it may land in your updates or promotions tabs. Please note that even if you sign up, you will not have access to your workshop until it begins on the 1st.

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