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Novel Writing

Get inspired to create your own Characters and Plot, and learn about getting Published in this Comprehensive 30 day Workshop, all under the guidance of a young author!

Price : ₹1000

Students Enrolled: 238


What You'll Learn:

  1. WEEK 1
    Session 1: Do you know why you write?
    Session 2: Let’s breakdown types and genres.
    Session 3: Advice for first time authors
    Session 4: The secrets behind a great novel

  2. WEEK 2
    Session 5: How to build an Engaging plot?
    Session 6: What makes a perfect setting?
    Session 7: How to build a powerful theme for your story?
    Session 8: How can characters come to life?

  3. WEEK 3
    Session 9: How to bring perspective into your Novel?
    Session 10: How to write realistic dialgoues?
    Session 11: Tips to help you finish that first draft.
    Session 12: Things to do to reach your final draft.
    Session 13: How to make your writing interesting?

  4. WEEK 4
    Session 14: Should you self publish your first novel?
    Session 15: Life as a young author.
    Session 16: The secret to getting onto a best sellers list.

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Your Captains:

Sai Prapanch Adloori

I am a fantasy novelist and have published two parts of my 5 part fantasy series : The Legendary contract of Vento. My readership extends outside India; Infact it’s wider outside India than here! I have mentored over 150 students so far and one of my mentees has already been published (I promise, more to come! Maybe you?)

Krishna Trilok

I'm a great lover of a good story and have a keen, long-time fascination for Asian and European history and mythology. A student of commerce and marketing, I started writing in my teens – with the sole and simple intent of creating a big battle scene set in a world of my own imagination. The result, ten years later, was my first book: Sharikrida. I'm also the authorised biographer of Mr. A.R. Rahman, which will be released by June next year. I hope you inspire my mentees to write and get published!

Join MyCaptain to Interact with top Industry Leaders!


Poet and Activist. Author of Ease of forgetting & The inability of Words.


Author, Chief of Staff to Dr. Shashi Tharoor


Founder and CEO, The Quint


Co-founder & CEO, Terribly Tiny Tales


Co Founder, Airplane Poetry Movement.



Self-learning modules with content curated and created by your mentor.


Chat based discussion with your mentor scheduled for evenings. Learn more and clear your doubts.


Small assignments designed to give you a hands on experience in the field.


Interact with Industry leaders in your fields to get guidance.


The course was fun and informative at the same time...  It wasnt the usual teacher-student atmosphere...  Even though I've never seen my course mates or my captain till date.. It felt like as if they were close friends. Tasks were fun and the experience on the whole was worth it.

Aishwarya , Novel Writing Workshop

I published my book in 2017. The understanding of how a novel is written and published, came from the MyCaptain novel writing workshop. The ultimate courage that I needed was instilled in me by my mentor.

Ananyah Dhawan , Novel Writing Workshop

I always loved writing, but after the MyCaptain Novel Writing workshop, my writing got channelized and productive, misplaced sentences turned into flowing narrations. My Captain made writing of a novel possible for me.

Sayali manekar , Novel Writing Workshop


If you’re interested in the Workshop, register with us by filling in your details on the form above and click on enroll. We will get in touch with you soon.
All the discussions will be conducted from 9:00-10:00PM because that's the time when both mentees and mentors are free.
All workshops start on the 1st of the month that you choose. The workshop ends after a month of the starting date. So if you are in the January batch, your workshop will start on the 1st of January and proceed till the 1st of February.
You can access the discussion that you missed on your web portal, as all the discussions get stored there. So you will virtually be missing nothing.
You will receive an SMS as soon as you finish payment with details on how to use your MyCaptain account. You will also receive an email from us with links to activate your account. Please note that it may land in your updates or promotions tabs. Please note that even if you sign up, you will not have access to your workshop until it begins on the 1st.

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