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Ethical Hacking

Start from the basics of Network Penetration testing and work your way up to hacking WIFI networks (for good). Also explore a career in Ethical Hacking in this 30 day workshop.

Price : ₹1000

Students Enrolled: 774


What You'll Learn:

  1. WEEK 1
    Session 1: Introduction to Hacking and course overview.
    Session 2: Tools and Techniques.

  2. WEEK 2
    Session 3: Linux Basics.
    Session 4: Post connection attacks.

  3. WEEK 3
    Session 5: On Ground Security.
    Session 6: Gaining access to computer devices.

  4. WEEK 4
    Session 7: Gaining access server side.
    Session 8: Gaining access client side.
    Session 9: Career opportunities and guidance.

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Your Captains:

Pranshu Ranakoti

Greetings! I am Pranshu Ranakoti, an undergrad student, currently pursuing my B.Tech (CSE) from GD Goenka University. I am an infosec enthusiast, fluent in BASH, OSINIT, Recon and Scanning. I am a learner, a thinker and a visionary (that’s what I believe). My motto: To work for the greater good and make this world a better place to live in! Do you have a problem? Does it needs quick and efficient solution? Well you are at the right place!

Join MyCaptain to Interact with top Industry Leaders!


Program Manager, Microsoft.


Data Analyst, Google.


Consultant, Microsoft.


Software Engineer, Apple.


Engineer, Tesla.



Self-learning modules with content curated and created by your mentor.


Chat based discussion with your mentor scheduled for evenings. Learn more and clear your doubts.


Small assignments designed to give you a hands on experience in the field.


Interact with Industry leaders in your fields to get guidance.


To catch a thief, think like one. To thwart a hacker, become one. The MyCaptain workshop on ethical hacking introduced the intricacies of computer networks and even how to exploit them. It shed light on the various measures that are taken against the black-hats or the bad hackers. Many links were provided in each lesson for further reading. Best of all, it even introduced us to a community that has computers integrated into their lifestyles.  Also, you can search anything on Google, even passwords.

Shobhit , Ethical Hacking Workshop

The workshop on Ethical Hacking was awesome. I was a bit nervous in the beginning, but later the mentor guided well. The discussion days helped in clarification of my doubts. The Tasks to be performed were like making the hack realistic and getting practical. I liked being a part of workshop.

Srinath , Ethical Hacking Workshop


If you’re interested in the Workshop, register with us by filling in your details on the form above and click on enroll. We will get in touch with you soon.
All the discussions will be conducted from 9:00-10:00PM because that's the time when both mentees and mentors are free.
All workshops start on the 1st of the month that you choose. The workshop ends after a month of the starting date. So if you are in the January batch, your workshop will start on the 1st of January and proceed till the 1st of February.
You can access the discussion that you missed on your web portal, as all the discussions get stored there. So you will virtually be missing nothing.
You will receive an SMS as soon as you finish payment with details on how to use your MyCaptain account. You will also receive an email from us with links to activate your account. Please note that it may land in your updates or promotions tabs. Please note that even if you sign up, you will not have access to your workshop until it begins on the 1st.

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