Your learning journey in a nutshell

Build a wireframe for an app and execute a web app.

Why become a Full Stack Developer?

Improve your technical skills on the way to create better communication channels.

30% Increase In Demand

In the past year, there was an increase in jobs for full-stack developers in India

Most Important Role

38% of hiring managers said that full stack developer is the most important role

13% Growth Rate

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, full-stack development will see a massive increase in jobs

Earn 9.24 LPA

The salary for full-stack developers starts at an average of 9 LPA and varies depending on the years of experience

Learn LIVE from the Best

From software developers to full stack developers, learn LIVE from the best in the industry.

What will you be learning?

Through this online course, explore your journey as a full-stack developer!

What is Fullstack Development?


How to choose technology?


Internet in action


HTML Basics


JavaScript Basics


Python Basics


Decision making and Loops


Language Basics


Guide to python


Making data structures in python!


Frontend Frameworks


Build your website using React


Intro to React


Guided Live: Build a portfolio website


Buiild Your Website


Django basics


MongoDB Basics


e-Commerce website using MongoDB


Guided Live: Build an e-commerce website


Career talk


Build your e-commerce website


Masterclass with HackerRank's CTO

Full Stack Development Course Curriculum PDF

What will you build

Get hands-on knowledge about both front-end and back-end development and its interaction.

Unlock Certificates + LoR.

Completion of our courses will provide you with a Certification of Completion.
You can also unlock a Letter of Recommendation and Appreciation based on your performance on the course.

MyCaptain Certificate of Completion is a badge of professional proficiency, recognised by esteemed organisations

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Here’s a sneak peek into what MyCaptain offers.

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LIVE Classes with Experts

Our courses have been created with experts and have a gamified learning journey.

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Internship and Job Opportunities

Complete portfolio-worthy projects and gain practical insight through internships in the field.

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A notch above the rest.

An exclusive array of mentorships, internship opportunities, network-building assistance and more.

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Personalized & Guided Assistancetickcross
Lifetime Content Accessticktick
Internship & Placement Supporttickcross
Industry Standard Certificatetickcross
Live Cohort Based Teachingtickcross

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